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5 reasons I love my Beauty Dish

5 reasons I love my Beauty Dish If you ever shot with me or seen me in action, you will know I love photographing off-camera flash but specifically with my “satellite dish”. Yes, this is what most of my clients call it, that or they try talking into it like a loudspeaker. I love shooting […]

Photography – A Woman’s Perspective

Photography – A Woman’s Perspective I am not going to beat around the bush, sometimes it feels like I want to slap someone for assuming I have no clue what I am doing because I am a female. This is not just from men but women as well. We assume women are not technical and […]

11 Habits of Professional photographers

11 Habits of Professional photographers Here are some habits as an aspiring photographer you can easily get into. There is nothing worse than scrambling at a photoshoot or not being prepared.  PPPPP – Proper preparation prevents poor performance Clean your gear before a shoot. Charge batteries a few nights before your shoot. Test your gear. […]

Why I chose Godox

Why I chose Godox Just like buying your first camera, which is probably a Nikon or Canon as a newbie. You probably just bought it because of the price and availability. Not researching what is needed to get to the next level of your photography, because it’s just a hobby.  But if you are like […]

Product Photography: Should You Hire a Pro or Do It Yourself?

Product Photography: Should You Hire a Pro or Do It Yourself? If you don’t have an online eCommerce site for your retail business you are practically living in the stone age. So let’s assume your website is ready to go and you are stocked up. But here comes the tricky part, You will need to […]

6 Biggest Mistakes as a Newbie Photographer

6 Biggest Mistakes as a Newbie Photographer   Quantity over Quality Delivering 1000 mediocre photos to your client instead of 100 great photos does not make up for a crappy photoshoot. Shoot less and concentrate on your composure and lighting.   Photoshop can fix everything ROFL! If you think this you need to go back […]

6 “When I become a Pro Photographer” Myths

6 “When I become a Pro Photographer” Myths   When you start in photography, you are usually your own worst enemy and don’t take advice when it’s dished out, how do I know this because this is how I started. But mainly I was headstrong and stubborn because the advice was coming from condescending know […]

Hiring Your 2nd shooters:

Hiring Your 2nd shooters: Yay, you booked a wedding and need some help. Fantastic! Now you want to get some quotes from other photographers to help you shoot and you don’t know how and why to choose the one that is right for you. Here are a few tips. Cost Sure going with the cheapest […]

The Dog ate my memory card

map, memory card, technology-1189403.jpg

Funny one! But jokes aside, somewhere in your photography journey you are going to lose images. Due to neglect, idiocracy, theft, hard drive crash, SD card malfunction…. Whatever the reason you are going to experience the horrible, earth swallowing embarrassment of explaining to a client, those images you just captured… are all gone! My 9 […]