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You have decided to take your photography to the next step and get your flash off-camera. What are the key products to look at to complete your strobist setup?

  1. Light Source

This will be your light source. It could be a Speedlite or battery-operated strobe light. 


  1. Trigger set

You need to get a trigger set that is compatible with your flash and camera to speak to the flash. In some cases, battery-operated you will need to get a receiver as well so that the trigger can speak to the receiver.


  1. Stand

A sturdy light stands to hold up your flash is a must if you are working outside. A minimum of 1.7m is needed to take flattering images. I recommend a 2.4m stand.


  1. Bracket

The bracket is to connect the flash and umbrella or softbox to the stand.

You do get different types of brackets, some are designed to only work with umbrellas and others like the S2 Bracket have a Bowens mount adapter so that you can use multiple light modifiers with a Bowens mount.


  1. Umbrella or softbox

You will need a light modifier attached to your flash to soften or direct the light. A flash on its own can give very harsh directed lighting, so it’s advisable to soften and spread the light with a diffuser.


Once you have these 5 pieces in place you are ready to start your strobist journey.



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