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Why I chose Godox

Just like buying your first camera, which is probably a Nikon or Canon as a newbie. You probably just bought it because of the price and availability. Not researching what is needed to get to the next level of your photography, because it’s just a hobby. 

But if you are like me, you bought into a brand and you have eventually added a bunch of lenses and you are now invested in your brand. It’s not easy or cheap to go from brand to brand. Somewhere along the line, you realized that you need to upgrade your gear because the cheap camera you bought has some key features missing. 

Just like buying a camera, your choice of flash is rather similar. 

When I started back in 2009, I bought a Sigma Flash, which only had 3 settings and refused to work on any trigger system. I could not use this flash off Camera.

2011 I started on my Yongnuo Journey. Fantastic flashes for the price. But with each upgrade, you had to buy a new trigger set to work with the new flash. Yes, they came out with some great models that were on par with the original Canon and Nikon Flashes. But because almost every flash worked on its frequency, you had to either buy extra receivers or new updated triggers and receivers.


Key features why I chose to make Godox my flash of choice.


  1. Godox is a family

When I say family I mean that the system works together. The triggers, Speedlights, studio flashes, and battery-operated flashes work on the same frequency. You can upgrade your system and buy various flashes and they will all work with your XPRO and X2T triggers.


  1. Built-in receivers

All the newer model flashes have built-in receivers. No more carrying around and worrying about extra equipment. Simplicity at its finest!


  1. Wide range

With many other brands they only offer Speedlights but what if you want a battery-operated studio light? Godox caters to every photographer with their wide range of Speedlights, studio lights, and battery-operated lights, which as I said works as a family.  


  1. Control

You can control all of your flash settings directly from your XPro or X2T trigger. The flash intensity, switching on HSS and TTL functions. And you can control multiple flashes from your trigger.


  1. HSS

All photoshoots of their Flashes have the HSS feature. YAY! This means I can shoot at shutter speeds of 1/4000 or 1/8000 (depending on your camera). Being limited to shoot at 1/160  shutter speeds becomes quite limiting in your creativity. 


  1. TTL

If TTL is a deciding factor for you then Godox is the right choice. Both the main triggers Xpro and X2T already have the TTL and HSS function. There are some model flashes that don’t have the TTL option, the TT600, V850, and AD600BM so check with your camera shop salesperson before you buy.


  1. No Umbilical cords

You don’t need extra cords and battery packs with cords as the batteries are fitted on the light itself. If like me and you are clumsy and trip over stuff, you will enjoy not stressing over cables.


  1. Extensive range of light modifiers and accessories.

From stands to modifiers there is no shortfall of accessories. The lights have the Bowens mount fitting, or you can buy the Bowens S2 Bracket. This also makes it easy to use other brands of modifiers with the Bowens mount.


If you are an aspiring photographer taking your photography game to the next level. Godox should be your flash of choice. Godox is an innovative brand that caters to every photographer and they keep with the trend and there is no limit to their creativity.

My shop of choice is Camerastuff.

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