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Six Reasons People Switch from Studio strobes and Speedlights to Battery operated Strobes



I have been into photography for over 15 years and have tried and tested studio strobes, speedlites, and battery-operated studio lights. And this is why I have switched over to Battery operated Studio lights.


  1. Eskom

Yip, this is my very first reason. When the electricity goes out during a shoot, I am now working off batteries and I do not need to postpone or cancel shoots because I don’t have electricity in my studio. I have 2x Godox AD200’s, 1x Godox AD600BM, and a Godox V850 Speedlite. These Lights give me enough versatility to get any shoot done.


  1. Mobility

I can go and shoot anywhere anytime with my battery-operated studio lights. I am not confined to a studio. I am using the Godox AD600BM which has enough power to shoot at any time of the day if I have no choice.


  1. No cords and cables

This seems like a small reason to change over but once your lights are not attached to an umbilical cord and you have the freedom to move your lights as you wish and not trip over cables during a shoot, you will see the light! No more extensions and adapters for me!


  1. Shooting in Harsh sunlight

My Godox AD600BM is a dream to use in noon sunlight as it has enough power to shoot in harsh sunlight, whereas the speedlights fall short of power and have almost no effect on my subject. You are looking at a 600W (AD600BM) versus about a 60W(Speedlite) power difference.


  1. Lithium vs AA Batteries

The lithium-ion batteries last about double as long as batteries that you use in a normal Speedlite. This also helps for better recycling time for the flash. I have found that the Lithium-ion battery in the V850 Speedlite does not overheat as quickly as the AA batteries I used to use in my Yongnuo 685 Speedlite.  


  1. HSS and TTL

Studio lights generally do not have HSS and TTL, as you are using them in the studio it’s not needed however what if you do need it. 95% of the Godox Battery operated strobes have TTL and HHS included which is a major bonus if you want to get creative!



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