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6 “When I become a Pro Photographer” Myths


When you start in photography, you are usually your own worst enemy and don’t take advice when it’s dished out, how do I know this because this is how I started. But mainly I was headstrong and stubborn because the advice was coming from condescending know it all old men. But that’s my hang-ups. Back in my day when I started, Facebook was none existent, the internet was meh, digital photography just started up. The year was 2004, I think…

So if I could go back in time and hit myself over the head and explain a few things about what I thought professional photography should be, what should they be? 


  1. Bigger is better

No, no, and no. Instead of worrying about the big camera and big lenses and expensive studio gear, just get the 5in1 reflector and start learning about light and how light works. Get the cheap 50mm F1.8 lens and get your composure and lighting right and learn to zoom in and out with your feet instead of being lazy and zooming in and out.


  1. New is always better

New gear is not the answer to becoming a better photographer. Knowledge is! Youtube and many other platforms give free advice and give you the learning tools to up your game. You can have the best gear, but if you do not understand light, you could just as well have bought entry-level gear. Understand and push your gear to the limit once you have mastered that and you feel like you can’t get to the next level with your current gear, then only explore the next possible purchase.


  1. Your customers will come to you

You can photograph the most stunning awe-inspiring entry-level images, this does not mean the clients are going to line up at your door. Buying all the best and professional gear will also not get them queued up. One thing that you need to understand is photography is a business and you will not only be a photographer but you will need other tools in your kit. 

Marketing & Selling yourself should be one of your main priorities. In an industry that is saturated, you will need to make your brand known. 


  1. I am going to be stinking Rich

LOL! Yah ne…. I am still waiting for the money to roll in. If you are in this for the money reevaluate your life choices. When you are sick or on vacation you do not get paid. You get paid when you shoot. No shooting, no money. Unlike working for a company this is not an 8 am-5 pm job. The more work you put in the better the results.


  1. You are going to shoot ALL THE TIME!

Pfffftttt…. The truth is you will spend more time on editing, marketing, and admin than you will actually photograph anything. Most of the time you will be in front of your PC, why? This is how the business works.


  1. Photography is my passion and I will love it forever

No! I am sorry but there will be days when you want to throw in the towel.

You had a difficult client, the bookings are not rolling in, the spark died between you and the camera. The list goes on. These days and feelings won’t last. My advice here is to take a break or better yet, do a creative shoot just for yourself.

Go shoot something you love!

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