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6 Biggest Mistakes as a Newbie Photographer


  1. Quantity over Quality

Delivering 1000 mediocre photos to your client instead of 100 great photos does not make up for a crappy photoshoot. Shoot less and concentrate on your composure and lighting.


  1. Photoshop can fix everything

ROFL! If you think this you need to go back to basics! Photoshop is designed to help you improve your images, not to fix them. Get your shot right on camera, do not make the horrible mistake by thinking you can fix a bad photo. Do you want to spend hours trying to fix 100’s of bad photos? You have a display on your camera, use it!. We are in the digital era and you can shoot until you get it right in camera.


  1. Your mom is your biggest fan

Don’t trust your family and friends. Get critique from professional photographers. Don’t take the critique personally, they are not attacking you, they are helping you grow as a photographer. Join a Facebook group and start loading images. 


  1. Buying Gear

Do research!

Buy from Camera shops where the salespeople specialize in the gear.

Hire before buying!

Buy second-hand gear from reputable shops that do give some sort of warranty.


  1. All the gear and no Idea

Nope, you need to learn the concept of light and no fancy camera and gear will help you with this. Learn the basics first before spending money on a bunch of gear and have no idea. 

In IT we say, garbage in garbage out. 


  1. Have camera will shoot

You just bought your first camera and your mom is telling you “You are so brilliant you must do this professionally!” Sweet, but you need to practice and do a bunch of free shoots with family and friends to build your portfolio.


 Unfortunately, some newbies jump into Wedding photography! Don’t, just DON’T! To you, this might look like an easy shoot, maybe, but one exception here… there are no do-overs!  Advertise your services as an assistant or 2nd shooter and start getting some real experience.

My shop of choice is Camerastuff.

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