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5 reasons I love my Beauty Dish

If you ever shot with me or seen me in action, you will know I love photographing off-camera flash but specifically with my “satellite dish”. Yes, this is what most of my clients call it, that or they try talking into it like a loudspeaker. I love shooting with my 42cm beauty dish and I don’t leave for a shoot without it!

  1. Durable

I can’t count how many times my poor dish has fallen on the ground, but how many times it has saved the flash it was attached to. On impact with the ground, it has taken the knocks so many times yet my flash survived the crash. The dish is made out of steel and absorbs the damage. It does bend yet… I can pull it back in shape, it’s not a perfect circle anymore but it still perfectly well.


  1. Size

Due to its small size, it’s lightweight and easy to carry around. There is no assembling necessary. it’s always ready to go.


  1. Flexible   

You can use it as is or with the softcover, you can buy an additional honeycomb for it as well. This will help you get different types of light from the dish


  1. Different types of light

The beauty dish I shoot with is silver and comes with a softcover diffuser that looks like a shower cap.

Silver – This would be just the dish on its own. The silver creates a harder light but also pushes a bit more light out. 

Cover – When you use the cover you will get a softer spread of light

Honeycomb – This will create a very concentrated spread of light.


  1. Light quality

Although the light is a bit hard, the cover does diffuse the light and makes it a bit softer. Shooting with a harder light source, as opposed to a bigger softbox gives you a more dramatic photograph which in turn has become my style.

My shop of choice is Camerastuff.

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