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11 Habits of Professional photographers

Here are some habits as an aspiring photographer you can easily get into. There is nothing worse than scrambling at a photoshoot or not being prepared. 

PPPPP – Proper preparation prevents poor performance

  1. Clean your gear before a shoot.

  2. Charge batteries a few nights before your shoot.

  3. Test your gear.

  4. Be prepared and on time, not only for the shoot but give yourself enough time to set up your equipment.

  5. Clean and backup your memory cards.

  6. Get your gear ready and packed the night before.

  7. Communicate with your client. Confirm times and locations with your clients timeously. 

  8. Bring your A-game to the photoshoot. Don’t stagnate and get into a rut, explore your creativity and new ideas. Scout new locations.

  9. Keep your issues at home, when you are shooting a wedding or anything for a client. Keep your drama at home and focus on your client. 

  10. Deliver your client’s images on time. When you give a specific timeframe for the final delivery of the product make sure you stick to it.

  11. Dress appropriately. No one wants to see your buttcrack, underwear showing, or your cleavage hanging out. If you are photographing a wedding don’t pitch up in dirty jeans and nasty shoes.

Being professional doesn’t just mean rocking up with the best camera. Respecting your gear and client and conducting yourself as a professional is detrimental to receive good reviews and future business.

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